Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Ok some changes

Ok so ships name is "The Kings Promise". It's hard developing a comic book from scratch! My idea keeps changing slightly, but i think I'm on an idea train. Stuff is falling together nicely, I've developed a nice story so far, now I just need to draw....and draw.....and draw.....and....well you get the idea. So a quick bullet point presentation of the story so far....

-Shakespeare is a farm lad with a big family, that is tragically wiped from the planet by war.
-Shakespeare enlists and begins his bloody road to vengance.
-War ends after 5 long years and Shakespeare becomes a lawman, gets married has kids and for awhile very happy.
-A murder case crosses his path and he is thrust into the seedy mob crime scene.
-Puts mob boss behind bars and the mob boss quickly retaliates, killing Shakespeare's family.
-long bloody road of vengance....
-prison for our hero
-Shakespeare has a visitor, it's Shugar and she has a proposal.
-Shakespeare needs to shuck off his old life and be born anew. The plan is simple, Shakespeare is to be placed into the same prison as the mob boss and kill him. Then Shakespeares behavior is penalized by the death penalty. But the death is a forgery as the good doctor Cornelius is in on it too. Shake is taken away to the doctors morgue and brought back to life. Shakespeare is now dead and Captain Spear is born.
-Captain Spear, the crew and his ship are all privateers working for the King and K-9 Prime (his homeworld).
-Their first mission....retrieve Shugars brother Tux.

Well that's what I have so far.
Thanks for reading!