Friday, 23 October 2015

The final piece of the Puzzle! i now have the space vessel that Shakespeare will use to travel into space with. Her name has changed to
"The Kings Promise". She'll still have the A.I that I originaly proposed,but she's got more teeth,power and storage space. Her mission has changed slightly also. She is in the service of the King of K-9 Prime as a privateering vessel. This means the Kings orders come first, planetary protection,aid relief,cargo delivery, search & rescue,resource finding,mining anything really.

Subsequently Shakes crew is now called "Shakespeare's WILDCARDS". A rough and tough group of life forms that will all get the limelight in the comic....just like the tv show "Buccaneers". Ok... time to sign off.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Ok Jered....Ideas....we need Ideas...

Hey everyone! So I need to come up with ideas for my Comic. So to get things rolling along I'm gonna give you a run down of what Crimson Galaxy is.

Crimson Galaxy is a comic book about a Galaxy far, far away....(I know cliched). The stories will mainly revolve around Shakespeare and his crew. Shake and his crew are privateers in His majesty's navy, and is tasked with many duties, the primary duty being the protection of K-9 (The Canineoids planet) and her allies. However there are a lot of things to do in space such as...Mining ops, rescue missions, diplomatic missions (too Alderaan)? So on and so forth....

My comic will start as a wild and bloody war with the Reptilicans begins. The Reptilicans are a warrior race of various types of reptiles and as such are alot like....reptiles. They live on a very hot and dry planet and are ravenous in everything including the consumption of natural resources, which means they are always looking for planets to take. Which means....they are a war machine.

Shakes crew is comprised of 4 main characters plus the ship Wildcard which in it's own right is a 5 main characters? Shakespeare is the captain of the Wildcard, leader in all aspects, he runs a tight ship and his crew is loyal. He has served in the military since recruitment age, and he has a distinguished carrier. He started in the Armed forces and switched to Navel early in his carrier, having a keen interest in space. Somewhat good with guns of all designs Shake prefers his two over/under sawed off shotguns, he also sports a service longsword that he uses with deadly proficiency.

Briggs. Briggs is the engineer of the Wildcard, and all round problem solver of all things mechanical, mathematical and mischievous. A practical joker and always looking for the party, Briggs will take jokes a little too far sometimes so Shakespeare has to reign him in. Briggs isn't much for killing but he will do what he can, this sometimes interferes with a mission or two.

Shugar and Tux are sister and brother from a very wealthy and prominent family. The father owns and runs the top aerospace craft developer in Crimson Galaxy. Shugar is the oldest and quite intelligent in the scientific fields. She also is proficient with the bow and arrow, bladed weapons and she has telekinetic and psychic powers. Tux is raw power. He is not very intelligent, not very fast but he is a tank when mad. I plan on doing some sketches and drawings of each character later on and hopefully get some feed back.

Anyways this is a good start
Thanks Dear Readers!